Tooling department

Tooling department with advanced technical means became known by the most demanding for its technical solutions, quality product, service and punctuality deliveries.

High speed cutting precision centres CNC with pallet changer SACHMAN T314 HS, labor camp mm.3000x1400x1500

High speed cutting precision centres CNC with pallet charger DECKEL MAHO DMG 100, labor camp 1000x800x500

Machining centre CNC with pallet changer MAHO 600 T, labor camp 600x400x400

Milling machine RAMBAUDI MS3, labor camp 1100x350x600

Wire cut WEDM AGIE Classic 3, labor camp 500x350x250

Wire cut WEDM AGIE Cut 200, labor camp 400x250x250

Wire cut EDM CHARMILLES, labor camp 500x300x300
Sandblasting machine

Horizontal grinding machine FAVRETTO, labor camp 1600x800

Horizontal grinding machine BERMI-Matic, labor camp 500x200

Measurement centre and three-dimensional ceck POLI, labor camp 1600x900x750

Swing-frame grinding machine OMN dia.200, labor camp 200x500

Lathe ALPIN dia.40x1000

Drilling machine FAMUP RAG 40

DrilI press IMV

Electric drill IMV

Electric drill FAMUP

Electric hacksaw SENAS

Mini hacksaw ERCOLE 300
Automatic cutting off machine 280 mm
Hardness tester OFFICINE GALILEO

Industrial furnaces